It has been 5 years since the Death of Smaug and the battle of the 5 Armies.

The Necromancer has been driven out of Dul Guldur by the White Council.

Lake Town has been rebuilt and the Lonely Mountain has a King once more.

Boern has occupied a portion of the Anduin Vale and many people now call him their king.

The Woodmen of Wilderland are prospering under the tutelage and wisdom of Radagast the Brown.

Bard has reclaimed his throne in the city of Dale and now rules one of the most prosperous cities in the North.

The Elves of the Mirkwood are once again thriving in the Northern Mirkwood as the forest attempts to heal itself.

Invigorated by the stories of Bilbo Baggins Hobbits have started to venture from the shire to explore distant lands.

Through out all this change lies an evil, a shadow that hides in the background building its strength and biding its time until it can once again can make its presence known. Now more then ever Middle Earth requires its Heroes to stay ever vigilant fighting the Shadow and its minions at every turn.

Journey through Wilderland

Nerulla The one ring