Ralph Wigginton

Hobbit of the Shire


Body: 4
Heart: 6
Wits: 4

Endurance: 22
Hope: 18

Damage: 4
Parry: 4

Valour: 2
Wisdom: 2

Specialties: Smoking, Story Telling, Folk Lore
Distinctive Features: Nimble, Merry

Rewards: Bow of the North Downs

Virtues: Fair Shot

Weapons: Bow (3), Short Sword (1), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Corslet (2D)
Headgear: Cap of Leather and Iron (+1)
Shield: None


Ralph’s parents belonged to the folk of the Buckland, and brought-up Ralph on the wrong side of the Brandywine River, as they say. If half the tales be true, members of Ralph’s family have always displayed a certain queerness of character, and an unusual fighting spirit, a strangeness that Ralph also seems to posses.

Ralph Wigginton recently came on some hard times and has fallen into debt. Ralph normally sells pipe weed to make a living but unfortunately for Ralph he ended up smoking half his harvest before he was able to sell it.

Ralph has recently heard of a place called laketown from Bilbo Baggins, a place full of merchants and trade where Ralph can sell his pipe weed at a premium as no Hobbit has traveled that far to sell his product.

Now Ralph is headed on an long journey to Laketown armed with a new harvest of pipe weed hoping to pay off his standing debt. The only problem is Ralph is banking on the accuracy of Bilbo’s stories to guide him to Laketown. Unfortunately Bilbo’s stories have left Ralph WANDERING Wilderland in hope of finding his final destination.

Ralph Wigginton

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