Journey through Wilderland

The Forming of a Fellowship

In the Woodland Kingdom Vlacorados came upon a scroll that supposedly leads to an ancient treasure, but more importantly that the treasure is said to contain an ancient elven weapon that could help the elves fight the Shadow that has been taking over the Mirkwood forest.

Vlacorados shows the scroll to his long time friend Eredhel and asks him to accompany him on the journey. Eredhel eagerly agrees as he is always looking for a way to live up to the expectations of his bloodline. Eredhel is so excited about the chance of an adventure that he doesn’t even question where Vlacorados received the map. Eredhel suggests that they should hire a treasure hunter as both the elves are well versed in combat and matters of the Lords court but are not suited to finding gold hidden in the dirt or some long forgotten cave, that is a job for a dwarf.

So the two elves set off the next day to the lonely mountain in search of a expert in this type of quest. The road to the Erabor proved to a uneventful trek, although once they arrived their welcome was less then welcoming. No Dwarf was interested in helping the elves on their quest and the pair feared they would have to leave with out an expert in the tresure hunting field until they were pointed in the direction of Baraag. Baraag was an unproven treasure hunter mainly because even his own kind did not want to take him on journeys due to his prickly attitude and gruff demeanor so when the two elves asked him to join the expedition he accepted even ignoring that fact that elves were probably his least favorite of all the Free People. Baraag still demanded a cut of the treasure and stated that once they arrived at the Anduin Vale they would need a guide to help navigate, so Baraag sent a Raven ahead to the village of Rhosbel requesting the assistance of a guide for a fair price, the person accepting the offer would meet the party in 10 days where the Old Forest road opens into the Anduin Vale.

It was at this time that Ralph Wigginton left the shire to head to Lake Town armed with a harvest of pipe weed and Bilbo Baggins stories to guide him to his destination. After about a week into his travels it was obvious to anyone who was observing that Ralph Wigginton was lost, that is to everyone but Ralph.

Then one day on Ralphs journey he witnessed one of the oddest of sights, a big Burly Woman was sprinting out of a wooded area headed right towards him. It seemed as though the woman was causing the ground to shake as she ran. Then Ralph realized it was not the woman causing the ground to shake, for as the woman got closer Ralph could see a throng of goblins exit the wooded area in pursuit of her. Ralph stood stunned at the sight of so many of the ugly things, even as the woman drew closer and yelled for the little hobbit to run, Ralph could not find it in himself to move as surely this was the end. As the Woman made it to Ralph she bent down and lifted the hobbit off the ground and started to carry the hobbit as she fled from the goblins. but between the weight of the hobbit holding her back and the amount of goblins chasing her she was eventually overtaken by the evil creatures.

A couple days before, the two elves and Baraag had finished their surprisingly uneventful trek through the Mirkwood and met their new guide Drex where the Old Forest road opened into the Anduin Vale. After introductions were made the party continued on their journey in search of the treasure now aided with Drex’s extensive knowledge of the Vale and its denizens.

During their Journey Drex and Baraag started to hit it off quite well, as both have generally gruff no non-sense attitudes. The two started to exhibit the signs of a true friendship with every passing day.

After about another four days travel the group stood in front of the opening to the cave, this is the place their map had been leading them the whole time. Upon entering the cave the party witnessed an odd sight. In the middle of the cave was a fire pit with a roaring fire, above the fire stood a cooking spit with a hobbit tied to it. Rotating the Spit was a single Goblin. To the right tied up in the Corner was a large muscular woman.

When the Party entered the cave the lone goblin let out a loud yelling noise, immediately Eredhel sent an arrow through the goblins neck putting the vile creature out of its misery. Unfortunately the Goblins last act had alerted all the goblins further down in the cave, as the noise of hundreds if not thousands goblins began to stir. The party untied the woman and the hobbit and began to run. The group had to fight its way through many goblins as it turned out that some of the goblins had been outside the cave hunting for more food and had heard the call of their dying comrade. The group hacked through the goblins as fast as they could as they new if the throng behind them was able to catch them then they were goners.

Once through the caves opening the group entered a full out sprint towards the woods, and even when they reached the forests edge they did not stop, they ran all day just to make sure they put as much distance between them and the goblins as the could. Finally at dusk the party decided to stop half because of exhaustion, half because of hunger.

There was no fire that night as the party did not want to alert any of the goblins scouts. But the party did talk and relive their tails to one another. It was decided by the elves that their map to treasure was a bust, the only thing they weren’t sure about was whether the map leading to a goblin hole was a unfortunate coincidence, or a well thought out trap.

The Boerning female explained that she had been charged with the safe delivery of a message from Beorn himself to a dwarf by the name of Gloin in Lake Town. The Boerning asked the rest if they had any interest in escorting her the rest of the way to lake town as after recent events travelling in a larger group might not be a bad idea.

Ralph immediately agreed as he was headed to Lake Town originally anyways, and even though he had now lost his harvest of pipe weed, he decided he would like to see something from one of Bilbos stories. once Baraag heard that the message was meant for one of his kinsmen he decided to also tag along. Drex also agreed as him an Baraag had started to become good friends.

The only two that were hesitant were the two elves as they had no reason to go to Lake Town, but in the end Eredhel decided that he would as it sounded more interesting then attending the Kings court. Once Eredhel agreed to continue his journey it was not hard to convince Vlacorados to tag along also.

The party miraculously made it through Mirkwood without incident for a second time and arrived ten days later at Laketown. The party headed straight towards the merchants district where Etai’Carinar was to meet the Dwarf Gloin at his home.


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