Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain


Body: 6
Heart: 2
Wits: 6

Endurance: 30
Hope: 8

Damage: 6
Parry: 6

Valour: 2
Wisdom: 2

Specialties: Trading, Tunneling, Burglar
Distinctive Features: Proud, Stern

Rewards: Keen- Axe

Virtues: Raven of the Mountain

Weapons: Axe (2), Short Sword (1), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Corslet (2D)
Headgear: Helm (4 Armour)
Shield: Shield (
2 parry)


Baraag and his family have laboured hard in the mines of the Iron Hills, dreaming that one day he would be able to delve deeper once again for far more precious ore. Unfortunately, to this day most ancient dwarf-holds are no more than dragon’s lairs or orc infested pits. Baraag toils patiently, peering into the gloom with eyes hungry for the gleaming of gems and gold.

Baraag is a Treasure Hunter to his core, he yearns to explore the world and lead an expedition in search of hidden ancient fortunes. The only thing holding Baraag back is his generally unlikable attitude. Baraag is a very Proud and Stern Dwarf and is very set in his ways making him not always the best of travelling companions.

Although Baarag can be a pain to deal with his intention are good, he will do almost anything to make sure his travelling companions return home alive and if he has his say with a few more coins in their pockets.


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