Woodmen of Wilderland


Body: 3
Heart: 4
Wits: 7

Endurance: 24
Hope: 14

Damage: 3
Parry: 7

Valour: 2
Wisdom: 2

Specialties: Leechcraft, Beast-Lore, Folk Lore
Distinctive Features: Eager, Gruff

Rewards: Keen- Axe

Virtues: Fragrant Weeds

Weapons: Long-hafted Axe (3), Spear (1), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Shirt (1D)
Headgear: Helm (4 Armour)
Shield: Buckler (
1 parry)


The dogs bred by the folk of the Woodland Hall are dun in colour, long of limb, sharp-nosed, gaunt and great. Since Drex was a child, he has always felt drawn to their natural grace and ferocious loyalty. But, above all, Drex shares their love for the hunt, and he can feel their excitement when they are closing in on their prey.

Recently Drex has decided to move his homestead to Rhosbel so that he could be near the home of the Wizard Radagast. Drex wants to teach the men of the Rhosbel how the people of the Woodman Hall raise their dogs. Drex also believes that if he is able to befriend the Wizard that Radagast will be able to hone Drex’s skills as a handler of dogs.

In the mean time Drex acts as a guide and Hunter for parties looking for his expertise of the Anduin Vale and the beast that live there hoping to one day earn the eye of Radagast the Brown.


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