Elf of the Mirkwood


Body: 4
Heart: 4
Wits: 6

Endurance: 26
Hope: 12

Damage: 4 (5 ranged damage)
Parry: 6

Valour: 1
Wisdom: 2

Specialties: Elf-Lore, Mirkwood-Lore, Shadow-Lore
Distinctive Features: Honorable, Swift

Rewards: None

Virtues: Dour-handed

Weapons: Bow (2), Sword (2), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Corslet (2D)
Headgear: Cap of Leather and Iron (1 Armour)
Shield: Buckler (
1 parry)


In Eredhel’s veins runs the blood of elven adventures of great renown, who in ages past chose to dwell among the Silvan Elves, seeking refuge and peace in troubled years. They say their superior wisdom is reflected in Eredhel’s noble countenance, and much is expected of him in the coming wars. Eredhel has sworn never to betray these expectations, and he will die before he sees his fair home reduced to ruins.

Eredhel considered to be a very honourable elf know for his speed in combat and his ability to analyze a battle field and use its terrain to his advantage.

Eredhel makes very calculated decisions and is known to avoid any rash actions but if no option is available will not hesitate to take up his bow against any evil doers especially to help friends or allies.

Eredhel feels the pressure of his Family Tree and will look for any opportunity to prove himself worthy of the heroic bloodline that he is a descendant of, looking to defeat the agents of the Shadow and to defend the Woodland Realm with his life if need be.


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