Body: 7
Heart: 5
Wits: 2

Endurance: 29
Hope: 13

Damage: 7
Parry: 2

Valour: 2
Wisdom: 1

Specialties: Anduin-Lore, Beast-Lore, Enemy-Lore: Dragons
Distinctive Features: Grim, Hardened

Rewards: Keen- Axe

Virtues: None

Weapons: Axe (3), Spear (1), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Shirt (1D)
Headgear: Helm (+4 Armour)
Shield: None


Since the time Etai’Carinar’s family joined Boern’s folk he has been a runner, a messenger carrying news for his folk. In his hide shoes, Etai has countless times trodden the path that goes from the high pass to the Old Ford, always welcomed by chieftans and families eager to hear his tidings. At times Etai has brought joy and merriment with news of victory, but also woe and distress with tales of war and defeat.

Etai’s family came to the lands of the Boerning’s after escaping the Viglund slavers. Boern and the Viglunds are enemies as their lands share a border and the two peoples have been in numerous skirmishes over claims to land.

Boern has accepted all who are willing to follow his laws therefore once Etai’s family escaped to his lands and swore their loyalty to him, they were officially under his protection and no Viglund Slaver would be brash enough to take on Beorn himself just to retrieve some lost slaves.


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