Elf of Mirkwood


Body: 6
Heart: 2
Wits: 6

Endurance: 24
Hope: 10

Damage: 6
Parry: 6

Valour: 2
Wisdom: 2

Specialties: Woodright, Boating, Enemy-Lore: Orc
Distinctive Features: Lordly, Secretive

Rewards: Reinforced Shield

Virtues: Elvish Dreams

Weapons: Spear (2), Sword (2), Dagger (1)

Armour: Leather Corslet (2D)
Headgear: None
Shield: Buckler (+2 parry)


Vlacorados has journeyed far from the borders of the Woodland Realm with his father, on his errands to the courts of Men and Dwarves. Standing by his side, Vlacorados has learnt much in a handful of months; more than in years spent in the gilded cage of his home. Sadly, Vlacorados has also discovered the shadow is creeping upon the outside world, gathering in strength with each passing year.

On one of Vlacorados’s recent journeys with his father they were attacked by Orcs, Vlacorados’s father made him hide before the attackers arrived and made him promise to not come out of hiding no matter what happened. From where he was hidden Vlacorados had to watch his father be slain by the leader of a large band of orcs, Vlacorados wanted to save his father but the amount of orcs made any rescue attempt a suicide mission so Vlacorados honored the promise he made to his father and remained in his hiding spot.

When Vlacorados returned to the Woodland realm it was his responsibility to inform his mother of the death of his father. His mother reacted in a bout of madness and it took many elves to restrain her, as they were afraid that she would hurt herself or another. Once calmed Vlacorados’s mother fell into a deep sleep, Vlacorados exhausted from his journey joined her. Once awakened by the breaking dawn Vlacorados found his mother missing, to this day Vlacorados has never seen his mother again.

Vlacorados continues his fathers work traveling to the cities of men and dwarf as a representative of the King. Vlacorados is good at his job, but in the end, the only reason he continues is the hope that one day his journeys will bring him face to face with the Orc that destroyed his family allowing him to SLAY the monster once and for all.


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